CARE9 Platform

Pharma Supply Chain Platform

CARE9TM is a unique cloud-based pharma Supply Chain Management platform integrated with Data Analytics engine for Pharmaceutical supply chain in Healthcare. CARE9TM is a unique solution for streamlining and optimizing resource utilization between stakeholders in the Pharma delivery ecosystem right from the manufacturer to the end consumer.

CARE9TM is one of the very few application suites across the globe connecting the last mile of pharma delivery to the top of the supply chain. Platform includes

The Stakeholders are given unique advantage of using real-time data to solve issues and concerns thereby allowing them take accurate decisions. The suite is designed to access related data even outside the supply chain network based on the dependencies.

Features of CARE9
  • Unique B2B pharma global platform for the supply chain management of pharmaceutical products across the globe from Manufacturer to the last mile.
  • Only cloud based eco system for pharmaceutical delivery across a geographic territory assisting all the community retailers.
  • Tax enabled Common platform for all the stakeholders including intermediaries.
  • Only Cloud platform to receive and serve all online/offline orders.
  • Cloud delivery module to monitor each and every delivery.
  • Connected apps for Cloud based intelligent system for ease in maintenance of health documentation of consumers.



The Platform is currently being extended to global supply chain network. The cloud network enables all the customer stake holders to have complete visibility of their order process right from the factory till it is delivered at the destination.

Digital Health Suite on Cloud

Our comprehensive Global Digital Health Platform will power all types of B2B Healthcare providers to transform from field intensive platform to be a part of Digital health eco system. Stake holders can build Healthcare services embedding analytics to offer most efficient, High quality, services to serve their customers.

CARE9 launches an exclusive SaaS based platform connecting all the healthcare delivery systems seamlessly integrated into a single platform. Platform comes with a host of advantages for the stake holders in the healthcare delivery eco system.

Application suite can be deployed into any country as the whole suite can be launched in any language. This gives flexibility even in handling multi lingual territories. Optimizes Resources, Enables Scalability, Drives Geo-Spread, Boosts ROI, Mitigates Systemic Dependency. An inclusive model with provider-centric intelligent solution.