Technology Support Services

CARE9 sources multiple brands and products as per the demands and requirements of Care service-providers. Care-Providers can utilise the analytics platform for planning the inventory as well as scaling the services to their customers. Real-time analytics assist the providers in saving a huge amount of time for planning along with millions of dollars in inventory costs.

The analytics tools integrated with the platform are designed to access live data based on the transactions of the consumers along with related-data based on the dependencies of the decisions taken. Izatech is in the process of patenting some of the unique algorithms used in the supply chain platform, CARE9.

CARE9 platform innovate processes creates and improves analytical culture of your company. For Business Intelligence (BI), we represent various tools depending on the specific requirements of our partners. We work with the customer partners before identifying the best tools to deliver the solutions with Optimum performance and flexibility. Our Main forte is Innovation.

CARE9 continuously works on tools and applications to deliver intelligent and flexible sourcing platform for Providers’ pertinent issues.

Care9 analytics tools also makes sure that the decision process is continuous and self-monitoring. The engine is designed to b dependent entirely on the data from the applications suite. As the AI engine is highly scalable, it will be able to incorporate stake holders as individuals and also as groups depending on various factors of association.